The first pulsed Radiofrequency-only generator

The Spring2 is a Pulsed RF-only generator that can be used for both transcutaneous and invasive treatments.

Our goal was to make a compact, easy-to-use and lightweight PRF-only generator with a very friendly user interface that can be used for both transcutaneous and invasive treatments. This resulted in the Spring2, a unique device in both design and functionality.
As it is such a light and compact device it is very easy to use it on multiple locations.
The touch screen display shows the user an intuitive user interface that guides effortless through the different modes and possibilities.
Treatment data (based on time and date of the treatment) can be stored on a usb-stick.
A transcutaneous procedure is an ideal option when invasive treatment is less suitable. It is less inconvenient for the patient and it involves less risks. Transcutaneous treatments are increasingly performed on joints such as knees and shoulders.

For transcutaneous treatments we designed dedicated skin electrodes (Springlife electrodes). The size of these Springlife electrodes are recognized by the Spring2 and the output is adjusted to the detected sizes. This way the output can never be too high and skin irritations or burns can be avoided at all times. Up to four Springlife electrodes of different sizes can be used simultaneously.
In the invasive mode, the user is guided through the stimulation and the treatment options. If so desired, stimulation options can also be skipped.
Procedures can be performed on three simultaneous levels.

The CE-file is under review. We hope the Spring2 will have its CE-certificate in the first half of 2019.