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In memoriam
Prof. em. dr. Menno E. Sluijter
31 July 1932 - 11 August 2022

Emeritus Professor Anesthesiology / pain management
University of Maastricht

Curious - creative - intellectual - open mind - thinker - scientist - visionary - pioneer - mentor; so many words come to mind.

We are grateful that he shared his profound knowledge, ideas and wisdom with us.
He was a true leader in the field of pain management and many considered him a mentor and teacher. Besides his ideas and wisdom, we will miss his positive look on life, his spot-on quotes, kindness and his thoughtful reflections.

 The Springlife team

New congress Calendar

August 2021

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but as a positive mindset is one of our core values, we are sure to be present at national and international meetings at the end of this year and years to come. Please check out our Calendar. We really look forward to seeing you! 

Spring2 registered in Malaysia

August 2021

We're proud to announce that the Spring2 is now registered and available in Malaysia. Please contact our partner Humedical:  

Changing calendars due to Covid-19

11 April 2020

Now that Covid-19 has rapidly changed our lives, calendars also change. 
This resulted in some changed dates for congresses:
- 10th WIP World congress in Rome: 26 - 29 August 2020
- PRF-symposium in Madrid: 13th November 2020

New publication on the mode of action of Pulsed RF

03 March 2020

Early February a study was published by Dr. Luis Josino Brasil et al. indicating that Pulsed RF inhibits oxidative stress and restores antioxidant enzymes to control levels and may block production of inflammatory markers. The mode of action of Pulsed RF is slowly being revealed. Here’s the full article.

Spring2 CE-certified!

01 March 2020

Exciting news: our Pulsed Radiofrequency device Spring2 is CE-certified.
We are extremely proud that after years of development, hard work, patience and perseverance, we are now finally able to provide medical specialists a cost efficient, easy to use and above all, safe Pulsed Radiofrequency device to treat patients.
Click here to the brochure of the Spring2 and for a short introductory video.
The Spring2 is in the process of obtaining an ANVISA-certification (Brazil). Our next step is to get the Spring2 FDA-approved (USA).

WIP Congress Rome and Pulsed RF Symposium in Madrid

01 March 2020

WIP-congress Rome
On May 20 – 23 the 10th World Congress of the WIP (World Institute of Pain) will take place in Rome. It will have an impressive faculty and interesting topics in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (
We would like to draw your special attention to the ‘Meet the expert session’ on Wednesday May 20 at 15.30 hrs in the Bernini Hall 1, on the effects of Pulsed RF on oxidative stress by Prof. dr. Kris Vissers, Dr. Alexandre Teixeira and Prof. dr. Menno Sluijter.  
Provided that the COVID-19 doesn’t throw a spanner in the works....
PRF-Symposium Madrid
On June 26, 2020 a Pulsed RF symposium will be organized in Madrid.
Prof. dr. Menno Sluijter, Dr. Olav Rohof, Dr. Alexandre Teixeira, Dr. Rudi Roumen and Dr. Andrzej Krol will be speaking about the latest developments in Pulsed RF.
For information and program details see   

Dr. Chuck van de Vlasakker in Advisory board

May 2019

Our already wise and experienced Advisory board will be complemented by dr. Chuck van de Vlasakker. He is an outstanding neurologist with an open mind and with a broad perspective on health, science and also on education. We are very grateful that dr. van de Vlasakker is willing to share his knowledge and ideas with us. 

ISO 13485:2016

April 2019

We're (very) proud to announce that Springlife Medical is now ISO 13485-certified. This certification represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. With this certification we're allowed to bring our new products to market.
If you need a copy of our certificate, please feel free to contact us.


February 2019

The development of the Spring2 has been rounded off and we're very proud of the end result.
Our goal was to make a compact, easy-to-use and lightweight PRF-only generator with a very friendly user interface that can be used for both transcutaneous and invasive treatments. This resulted in the Spring2, a unique device in both design and functionality. Click here for further information.


Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) Device 'Spring2'

October 2018

In the past months our new Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) device called 'Spring2' has been shown at various national and international congresses. Main purpose was to get feedback in order to finalize the development of the Spring2, that can be used for performing both invasive and transcutaneous PRF treatments. The interest for the Spring2 was above expected. We much appreciate the positive feedback that was given to us and we will incorporate it as smuch as we can. 

Wij zoeken (nog steeds) een business developer!

July 2018

Wij zoeken (nog steeds) een business developer die de markt kan verkennen, ontginnen en commercialiseren. Een aantal kernwoorden: oncologie, analyseren, relaties opbouwen, vasthoudendheid, positieve insteek, uitdaging, patienten helpen, wetenschap. Zie voor uitgebreide informatie het volgende document.

Succesful symposium in Nottwil (CH)

March 2018

Begining of March a scientific symposium took place at the Pain Centre of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil (SPZ) in Switzerland. Invasive treatments of chronic pain, as well as transcutaneous applications of PRF were discussed. 
Remarkable was the outcome of a basic researchproject that was performed in Brazil by dr. Brasil, that showed a clear balancing effect of PRF on oxidative stress in cells. It may be the first step of defining the mode of action of PRF.
Also, dr. Eveline Kuip, an oncologist at the Radboud University, spoke about cancer and the immune system and about a basic research project at her University that showed a transition of immune cells as a result of PRF. 
Prof. Menno Sluijter talked about inflammation and oxidative stress and the effect of transcutaneous PRF on these mechanisms (also known as RedoxPRF). Both him and dr. Alexandre Teixeira showed case studies of patients treated with transcutaneous PRF.
It was a very interesting congress, where good scientific discussions took place and valuable connections were made. 
The next congress will take place in February / March 2021

Seminar about RedoxPRF

24 juli 2017

On June 6th, a symposium in Amsterdam was organized by Equip Medikey, solely dedicated to Pulsed RF (PRF). Renowned speakers such as Prof.dr. M.E. Sluijter and dr. Olav Rohof spoke about future developments and treatments of the spine and joints. It was a highly informative day with ground breaking insights. The feedback was greatly positive.
Prof.dr. M.E. Sluijter was so kind to provide us his slides. One is about the mode of action of PRF and the parameters (see this link). The other set of slides is about RedoxPRF (see this link).


25 juli 2017

In close cooperation with the ‘Nederlandse Stichting Pijnbestrijding’ and a renowned University hospital we’re preparing a pilot study. This study will investigate the influence of ImmunoPRF on cancer patients. We’re hopeful that the study will begin early 2018. We cannot reveal too many details yet, but when the time comes, we will surely let you know.