Next level pain management
What is Springlife Medical all about?

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pain

Patients with chronic pain sometimes suffer longer than needed. In a lot of cases they can be successfully treated with Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) procedures, invasively or transcutaneously, depending on the origin of the pain. As we believe that Pulsed RF is, in most cases, a better option than continuous RF, we designed the first PRF-only generator: the Spring2 

Springlife Medical is ISO 13485 certified

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Our team has experience for
more than 50 years


  • Fleur Sluijter LLM MBA, founder and CEO
  • Paul Theunissen, Regulatory Affairs
  • Priya Kannothkandy Pathalayi, Quality Management
  • Monique Vlaming, Office Management

Advisory Board

  • Prof. dr. Bert van Duijn, Scientific Advisor
    Professor in Biology at the University in Leiden
  • Dr. Hans de Weerd MBA, Strategic Advisor
    Chair of several early stage Medtech Companies
  • Dr. Chuck van de Vlasakker, Medical Advisor, Neurologist


PRF has more possible applications than just pain management. We have reason to believe that PRF has an effect on oxidative stress and that it reactivates immune cells (RedoxPRF). This could have a wide impact on many immune system related diseases.
At the moment research is being performed in both Brazil and The Netherlands, to find out more about this mode of action. We closely follow these developments.

Core Values


We care for people.  More specifically: we care  for patients, doctors and for people working at Springlife. Life is personal.


We have a positive look on life. Fun, looking on the bright side. See things from a different perspective.


We work in a professional way. With professional people.