We want to help oncologists treat their patients in the best possible way


Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from a immune system related disease.  
The immune system influences practically the whole human body, but as we, unfortunately, can't be active in so many fields at the same time, our first focus is on oncology. We want to help oncologists treat their patients in the best possible way through providing a new technology, but also through offering knowledge and training.
We're developing a new -non pharmalogical- treatment for cancer patients with a focus on the quality of life.


Fleur Sluijter, founder of Springlife Medical, has several family members who died of cancer. Their passing away caused great grief. However, it was not only the loss that made it painful, the decreased quality of life alao had a large impact.

We are determined to improve the quality of life of patients as much as possible.


The Springlife-team is very experienced in the medical world. Our team has experience for more than 25 years in medical devices in different fields, such as  (invasive) pain management. Through the years we built a strong network of experts, doctors and scientists in various medical disciplines at high levels. 
We work closely with University Hospitals such as the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Our team has experience for
more than 25 years


  • Fleur Sluijter LLM MBA, founder and CEO
  • Paul Theunissen, Regulatory Affairs
  • Monique Vlaming, Office Management
  • Edwin van Laar, Finance

Advisory Board

  • Prof. dr. Menno Sluijter, Medical Advisor
    Emeritus Professor in Pain Management / anesthesiology and inventor of the treatment.
  • Prof. dr. Bert van Duijn, Scientific Advisor
    Professor in Biology at the University in Leiden
  • Dr. Hans de Weerd MBA, Strategic Advisor
    Supervisory Board Chair of several early stage Medtech

Core Values

1. Make it happen

Be creative in solutions. It can be done

2. See the other side

It's all about communication, listening and empathy, but without losing your own perspective.

3. Evolve and innovate

Embrace change. Be curious and flexible

4. Always look on the bright side

Be positive. Find the 'Happy&Fun-button'

Coming up

  • Our team is working on a new –non pharmaceutical- technology to treat cancer patients, which will be available mid 2017.
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  • As we’re always interested in new ideas and technologies for oncology, we’re constantly looking for new products to distribute. Could we help you sell your products, please let us know: info@springlife.com
  • Do you want to share your (product) ideas? We can partner with you to develop and sell it.

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